applies paints onto a rectangle canvas and puts it on a vertical wall.
kiborio takase,‚«‚ڂ肨,‚£‚«‚ڂ肨,ξΰ£‚«‚ڂ肨
Acrylic on canvas (c)kiborio 2019



2019 May 5 - 12 --------------- ‘ˆόŽΙ/Soinsha (Setagaya TOKYO jp)
2019 June 28 - July 2 --------- “‹/Toukyo (Nishiazabu,TOKYO jp)
2019 July 6 - 14 ------------------- two painters show at HIGURE 17-15 cas (Nippori, TOKYO jp)
2019 Autumn ------------------------ Diginner Gallery (Jiyugaoka, TOKYO jp)

PAST WORKs and SHOWs (20.1Mb)

‰ί‹Ž‚̍μ•i‚Ζ“WŽ¦‚Μ‰ζ‘œ (20.1Mb)


Kiborio wants to know what happens on the canvas when a person paint or draw.
Therefore, onto a rectangle canvas, he applies paints with a brush. Sometimes he uses a non-rectangle one. Sometimes uses a masking tape for a straight line. And now, after the longer time than 15 years, he understand only a few things on a ŠG(e): ŠG(e) means a painting or a drawing or paintings or drawings. In japanese, we don't have a difference between painting and drawing in addition to the singular and plural. An example, He says that one point is just a print. It is neither a painting nor a drawing. Another example, making a line is more ŠG(e) than applying paints. It seems that his understanding is very slowly and he makes questions on things that no one notice yet even easily predictable .
Kiborio's value is not yet defined.
He is ready for answer. And lives in Tokyo, now.


070-5518-5872 (domestic call in japan)



”όŠwZ/Bigakko ,2014,2015,2019
gallery cafe 3 ,2015, 2019
gallery DEN 5 ,2018
“‹/toukyo ,2017,2018
NANJO HOUSE ,2014,2015,2017,2018
art space morgenrot ,2018
Gallery MIZUNOSORA ,2015,2016,2017
Hijinowa (MASHIKO jp),2011
gallery Bakchos ,2009
Galerie Vergers De L'Art (PARIS fr),2008
(based in Tokyo)

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